Our Philosophy

What do we do? Educate people about the importance of insects, their roles, responsibilities, and the intricate lives they lead in our shared world.

and why is this important to us? Insects are highly misunderstood, when we think of the world, tiny 6-legged insects are not at the forefront. People usually only associate the negative behaviours of insects to their physical appearance. Most people do not know the emphatic importance of insects in our world, and the catastrophic effects of a world without insects.

and why is this important to us? Education is important in all aspects, but biologically speaking, insects do so many advantageous tasks for us, understanding the positive and the negative effects of insects would greatly expand our knowledge of the Animal Kingdom, and thus the world we live in.

and why is this important to us? If we did not have insects humanity would probably not last more than a few months. They are responsible for pollination, decomposition, and are very integral part of the food chain. Everything is interconnected creating a delicate and complex balance and sustainability in the ecosystem. Disruption of the ecosystem would cause disastrous effects.

and why is this important to us? It's the world we live in, humanity should be important to all, I would like upcoming generations to experience the beauty of the animal Kingdom. We see the effects of species that have become endangered and/or extinct, and feel disheartened to know that the next generation will not be able to enjoy all of these beautiful life forms.