If you think you’ve seen a live Insect/Animal show... you’re wrong!

We are Toronto’s only Live Insect/Animal educational program that visits your location. Our staff are trained professionals in the field, fully committed to education, preservation, and ultimately conservation of Planet Earth and it’s inhabitants.

Welcome to the world of Bugs Without Borders!

Introduce kids to the amazing lifestyles of the leggy and fabulous! Bugs without Borders offers numerous programs to help children learn more about the weird and wonderful bugs of our world. Our hands-on programs will have them "ooh-ing" and "ah-ing" as they come face to face with insects, reptiles and amphibians in an engaging and educational setting.

About Us

We are a group of female professionals, highly trained in diverse fields of science, and represent Bugs Without Borders, a unique business driven by our desire to inform children and adults alike about the importance of insects to our existence.


Our Philosophy

What do we do? Educate people about the importance of insects, their roles, responsibilities, and the intricate lives they lead in our shared world.